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When fictions become reality

Do you remember James Bond using a navigation system in his Aston Martin and getting messages on his watch more than 50 years ago? For sure everybody giggled about this apparently unrealistic ideas back then.

Today we have GPS in our smart phones and cars. Your watch lets you receive notifications immediately.

Future direction

Personel strategies will also move into a next generation. Companies will increasingly make use of Interim Managers. Seasoned executives will bring their tangible track record, industry experience, considerable networks with them when they work with customers.

How much time did you spend thinking about interim management support when you planned your last major projects?

Straight to the point

Selective engagement of Interim Managers is the most efficient way to buy real-life, hands-on knowledge, experience, stakeholder relationship, door opener capabilities and bringing new ideas to your business.

They are the right people at the right moment and for the right amount of time and money.

Hand on your heart: where else do you find that combination of skills?


Veromont’s interim managers are internationally experienced, former senior or executive managers with a successful track record.

All our Interim Managers have at least ten years hands-on leadership and execution track record.

Where else can you get that knowledge and experience in such a short time?

No helicopter view

Our Interim Managers are open for new challenges and are eager to bring their successes and learnings into the client’s environment. The interim managers treat each assignment as if they would work for their own company.

Do you see external support as a cost or a profit?

Real teamwork

Knowledge, experience, learnings, successes and failures will be shared with our clients - while still maintaining strictest confidentiality.

Dealing with diverse situations demands a certain flexibility. Each manager will quickly settle into the new team and environment.

Where else do you get the professional execution AND the knowledge transfers in one go?

Let us introduce one of our Interim Managers:

Reto Brosi, Singapore

He held executive positions at Asia Capital Reinsurance Group (CEO) and Swiss Re in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Zurich.

Today he supports our client mainly in Market Expansion, Enterprise Risk Management, Strategy Advice and Underwriting.

 Our Interim Managers are happy to share their most important experiences with you in the future.
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